• Private Yoga

    Marina Park, Thunder Bay

    All the Attention is on You!

    Personalize your yoga journey & receive individual instruction to start your long-term relationship with yoga.

    Private practice allows me to to be fully present with the student. All of my energy is devoted to creating a practice suited to your body, your needs, & your goals.

    Benefits of Private Instruction

    • one-on-one guidance
    • safe place for emotional release
    • tailored adjustments
    • proper alignment addressed in each pose

    Thai Massage

    Thai Massage has been practiced in Thailand for over 2500 years. Founding father, Jivaka Komarbhacca, an Ayurvedic doctor and Yogi, treated Buddha as well as others. 

    Benefits of Thai Massage

    Reduces muscle tension & spasms

    • applied pressure techniques pinpoint areas of built up muscular tension

    • great for sciatica, sore/stiff shoulders, tight hips & hamstrings and general stiffness

    Increases mobility & flexibility

    • yoga-style manipulation relates tension in the joints, adding mobility & increased range-of-motion

    • muscles & tendons are lengthened 

    • balance & posture are improved

    • great for athletes who want to experience maximum performance

    Balances Energy & Promotes Relaxation/Stress Reduction

    • works along the energy lines of the body to shift stagnant energy allowing for the more healthy flow of Qi (energy)

    • quiets the mind

    • enhances the body-mind connection through breath work 

    • boosts serotonin (happy hormones) & reduces cortisol (stress hormones)

    Enhances Recovery

    • enhances fluid circulation & improves lymphatic flow by incorporating touch, muscular & skeletal manipulations & acupressure

    • boosts immune function

    Other benefits

    • can treat sciatica, headaches, and neck pain

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    Thai Massage is done on a mat, fully clothed with no oils or lotions. 

    Wellness in the Workplace

    Yoga will help to reduce back pain-very important for employees who are seated for most of the day. It helps with focus and maintaining a positive attitude both in and out of the workplace. Yoga can also aid in the relief of headaches and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). 

    There is also recent evidence to show that yoga can reduce health care premiums and employee absenteeism along with a whole host of other personal and business benefits.

    Sessions can be offered in the mornings, lunch hours or after work. 

    All programs are designed free of barriers & are suitable for all levels-even absolute beginners!

    Contact for pricing.